American Standard Low Alloy High Strength A572Gr50 Steel Plate

1、The A572Gr50 steel plate is a high-strength low alloy niobium vanadium structural steel plate. The foreign name of the A572Gr50 steel plate ASTM A572 Gr50 is widely used, such as building steel structures and building machinery production.

2、Specification of A572Gr50 steel plate: thickness: 8mm~300mm; width: 1500mm~4200mm

3、 The thickness deviation of A572Gr50 steel plate shall comply with the corresponding provisions of GB6654. N. Class A, B and C deviations

Class N deviation: positive deviation and negative deviation are equal

Class A deviation: negative deviation is determined by nominal thickness

Class B deviation: fixed negative deviation is 0.3

Class C deviation: fixed negative deviation is 0, and positive deviation is determined by nominal thickness

4、 Heat treatment of A572Gr50 steel plate: Wugang can also supply hot rolling, controlled rolling, normalizing, etc. (tempering, quenching and annealing)

N Normalizing: heat the steel plate to a suitable temperature and then cool it in air

T tempering: keep the steel plate at a proper temperature for a long time before cooling

Q quenching: after heating and holding the steel plate, conduct rapid quenching in water, oil or other inorganic salts

A Annealing: heat the steel plate to a suitable temperature and slowly cool it according to different materials and specifications

5、 Executive standard of A572Gr50 steel plate: ASTM A572/A572M

6、 A572Gr50 steel plate is divided into five levels: 42 (290), 50 (345), 55 (380) for riveting, bolting or welding structural members, 60 (415) and 65 (450) for bridge riveting and bolting structural members or welding structural members for other purposes.

7、 A572Gr50 low alloy high-strength structural steel plate is widely used in engineering structures, such as building steel structures, construction machinery, mining machinery, heavy trucks, bridges, pressure vessels, etc., especially for building and engineering machinery parts that require good weldability and toughness.

8、 The manual arc welding of A572Gr50 steel plate is the earliest developed and still the most widely used welding method among various arc welding methods. It uses the coated electrode as the electrode and filler metal, and the electric arc burns between the end of the electrode and the surface of the workpiece to be welded. A572Gr50 steel plate coating can produce gas to protect the arc under the action of arc heat on the one hand, and can produce slag to cover the surface of the molten pool on the other hand to prevent the interaction between the molten metal and the surrounding gas.

9、 A572Gr50 steel plate This is a kind of gas shielded arc welding with a non melting electrode, which uses the arc between the tungsten electrode and the workpiece to melt the metal and form a weld. The tungsten electrode of A572Gr50 steel plate does not melt during welding and only acts as an electrode. At the same time, argon or helium is sent into the nozzle of the welding torch for protection. Additional metals can also be added as needed.

10、 Plasma arc welding of A572Gr50 steel plate is also a kind of non melting electrode arc welding. It uses the compressed arc between the electrode and the workpiece to realize welding. The electrode used is usually a tungsten electrode. The plasma gas generating the plasma arc can be argon, nitrogen, helium or a mixture of the two. It is also protected by inert gas through the nozzle.